How do your savings stack up?

Rolled up money in a nest

A few dollars are taken out of your paycheck for your employer's retirement plan. You buy CDs when interest rates are up, and a few stocks when the price is right.

But how does your nest egg compare to others your age?

The Employee Benefit Research Institute's latest Retirement Confidence Survey has the answer, based on your age.

Start by adding up the value of your savings accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds and mutual funds, including those held in 401(k) and Individual Retirement Accounts. Don't count home equity or an estimated value for traditional pensions.

If you're married, include all of your family's savings, because you want a household, not an individual, total.

Now find your age group and compare that number to the results from the Employee Benefit Research Institute's survey. It gives a range of savings, and what percent of those surveyed fell into that range:

Ages 25 to 34

Ages 35 to 44

Ages 45 to 54

Age 55 and above

The best way to track your financial progress is to know, and regularly update, your net worth. That's the value of all your assets minus the total of all your liabilities.

Our net worth calculator can help you do that.

Our retirement plan calculator will tell you how much you'll need.

(The numbers in each age group may not add up to 100% because of rounding off.)

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