SFGI Direct is April's top bank for savings accounts

Rolled up money in a nest

The online division of a small West Virginia bank is offering the top nationally available return on savings accounts this month.

SFGI Direct is paying 1.21% APY with a $500 minimum deposit.
It's a part of Summit Community Bank, which has 15 branches across West Virginia and northern Virginia.

Although SFGI Direct is paying two-tenths of a point less than it was in January, its return is still a little more than the 1.15% APY you'll earn at the next best banks.

Accounts at SFGI Direct can be opened online in about 10 minutes, and you'll need a:

Direct deposits can be made into this account and there is no minimum balance required to avoid monthly fees. Interest is paid on balances of $1 or more.

Click here to compare SFGI Direct's deal with the best savings account rates from dozens of other banks.

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