Need a job? Sell yourself through social media

Neal Schaffer

Finding a new job, especially a rewarding job that will advance your career, is tougher than ever.

That's why we decided to spend a few minutes speaking with social media strategist Neal Schaffer, whose new book is Maximize Your Social (Wiley, $25).

Schaffer says you can't compete in today's job market without taking your search to social media and anyone trying to advance themselves professionally should pay special attention to LinkedIn.

"If you want to maximize your chances of landing that interview, you need to consider your LinkedIn profile to be the front page for ‘the website of you,' " Schaffer says, "a place that summarizes who you are, what you represent, what your professional history is and your area of expertise.”


Everything you do on LinkedIn leads people back to your profile, he notes.

“Think of all the time and effort that businesses put into creating a well-branded and strategic website. Have you spent even a fraction of that time thinking about how to create a strong professional LinkedIn presence?”

Listen in as Schaffer explains how you can market yourself more effectively and suggests three critical things you can do right now to improve your LinkedIn page.

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