Make giving a family affair this holiday season

Mark Thorndyke

The holidays are a time of giving.

Of course, there are all of the presents for family and friends.

But the final weeks of the year are also when we're most likely to make charitable contributions.

That's why we asked Mark Thorndyke at Merrill Lynch in Chicago what's going on with philanthropic giving right now.

"With the markets at new highs, a lot of … families that we deal with are more interested this year than ever to making contributions to causes and charities they like to support," he says.

As a managing director of wealth management and senior portfolio manager, Mark also helps the donors he works with to make wise choices in where and how they give.

"We stress that clients we work with involve their families," Thorndyke tells us. "A lot of our families … will actually involve the next generation in volunteering for that organization and seeing how the organization works."

But remember.

If you want your contributions to be tax-deductible for 2013, the charity must receive your money by Dec. 31.

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