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Welcome to the new and improved

This is the third time the site's been updated since it was launched in 1995, and we think you're going to love the way it works for you.

You'll find all of the same great financial advice and information that nearly 5 million users a year have come to expect.

It will just be available in a simpler, easier-to-use format. continues to be a website for the real grown-ups in the room, those Americans who are still working, still saving, still striving to build real financial security for themselves and their families.

We believe that shouldering responsibility for everything from homes and kids to aging parents and our own retirement should generate a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, not just stress and worry.

Although we know there will be plenty of that along the way, too.

Our readers aren't looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme. They know that building financial security is a lifetime journey that begins our first day on the job and isn't finished until long after we've retired.

It requires saving like a maniac, buying homes, building equity, and making wise choices about everything from the cars and trucks we drive to the insurance we depend on to protect everything we've built.

We hope you'll think of us as a knowledgeable ally and trusted advocate.

When you need ways to earn more from a 401(k) plan, we hope you'll turn to us. When you need the cheapest possible mortgage or home equity loan, we hope you'll turn to us. When you're looking for a better return on certificates of deposit or money market account, we hope you'll turn to us.

But we're about far more than just finding a great rate or deal. We want to help you be a financial success in every aspect of your life.

Let's put this updated website to work. We've got a lot to do together.

Mike Sante
Managing Editor

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