Become a smarter money manager with this free online course

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If you'd like to become a better money manager, we have a suggestion with some academic clout.

At, you can sign up for a free, 10-week course called Finance 101 taught by Gautam Kaul of the University of Michigan.

Yes, you read that right. You can take an online course from a University of Michigan finance professor. For free.

It says you’ll learn how “to measure value; both for corporate and personal assets. It will also help you in decision-making, again at both the corporate and personal levels.”

You won't get any college credit for your time, though you will get a certificate of completion at the end. And, of course, learn the fundamentals of finance.

The courses are taught by 15- to 45-minute videos. You'll be given homework assignments and quizzes, too.

It's part of the Coursera project, which was started by two Stanford University scientists to share information from classes taught at that prestigious school.

The pair raised $16 million in venture capital funding, which allowed Coursera's offerings to expand to classes from Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California-Berkeley on everything from game theory and neurobiology to Greek and Roman mythology.

Finance 101 starts July 23. Click here to sign up for the course.

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