'Apple vs. Your Wedding' will make most couples cringe

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I just ran across a new calculator that can make the most happily married couples regret their wedding day.

It’s called Apple vs. Your Wedding, and you only have to enter two facts: the date you were married and how much you spent on the ceremony and reception.

It then shows how rich you'd be if you’d invested that money in Apple stock instead of blowing it on your big day.

It was created by Ben Garvey, the general manager of a New Jersey company that makes manufacturing production lines.

"I got married in 2004 and AAPL has gone up over 3500% since," he says, referring to the ticker symbol for Apple shares.

Garvey ran the numbers and realized that he and his wife would have over $1 million if they'd taken the money they spent on their wedding and bought Apple stock instead.

"I thought to build the website one night after torturing myself for not investing in AAPL myself," he says.

The numbers can be shocking, even for weddings held in the last five years.

A friend of mine who spent $100,000 on an extravagant 2007 wedding would have $650,000 if she'd bought Apple stock.

Another friend who spent $35,000 tying the knot in 2009 would have $105,000.

And what if you married on Dec. 12, 1980 -- the date of Apple's IPO -- and invested $25,000 in the upstart tech company instead of spending it on gowns and canapés?

You'd be a millionaire. Four times over.

If you’re planning a wedding, this is definitely something to consider.

I don’t think everyone should elope, but do you really need embossed invitations, a string quartet to play at the church and a fireworks display for the reception?

Or would it make more sense to be a little less extravagant and invest what you save for the future.

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