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  • Jen Miller Ladies, purses are not investments

    I've heard people talk about expensive makeup as an investment. A coat as an investment. A designer dress or blouse as an investment. But let's get real. Spending $2,000 on a high-end handbag isn't going to help you build financial security.

    April 8th 2014

  • tax flag Saver's credit: A tax break nobody knows about

    You could be eligible for a tax break if you put money into your retirement account in 2013. Why doesn't anyone know about this benefit available to about 25 million Americans?

    March 27th 2014

  • Millennials work as hard as previous generations

    Millennials entering the workforce have seen a weak economy and high unemployment. You might think this group would be more disengaged on the job. It isn't.

    March 25th 2014

  • How to profit from persistence

    If your bank, the airline or your favorite mail-order service just isn't giving you the satisfaction you deserve, follow these 9 steps to always get what you want — within reason.

  • Millennials poised to take over the workplace

    Three generations — baby boomers, Gen Xers and millennials — currently split the workplace almost equally. But as boomers retire and more millennials get jobs, they will become the dominant generation.

  • Man in suit handing money to a child from his wallet 6 smart moves to teach kids to save

    Today’s children will likely need to secure well more than a million dollars for retirement. Use our tips to help teach your kids to save.

  • Amy Fontinelle picture Financial opposites: A saver marries a spender

    I'm a big believer in budgets. My husband was not. Here are five ways financial opposites can wed finances during marriage.

  • We're saving less than 4% of our income

    The personal saving rate dropped to 3.9% in December 2013, the first time it dipped that low in nearly a year, according to the Department of Commerce.

  • Does a 529 plan mean less financial aid?

    Here's an odd eligibility quirk: A 529 plan held by grandparents means less financial aid for a student than if the parents held the savings plan.

  • beach chair overlooking the ocean Baby boomers pushing retirement back ... way back

    Over the past two decades the average retirement age has risen from 57 to 61. But nearly half of all boomers expect to keep working until they're 66.

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