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  • Mutual Interest logo Social Security benefits rising 1.7% next year...Inflation not a problem...Egg freezing latest job bene...AT&T owes us some money...And more

    Here's the column that gives savvy savers lots of provocative news and information to talk about on the road to financial security.

    October 22nd 2014

  • How to measure financial success

    We'll not only show you how to find or calculate these measures, but provide some simple guidelines that will help you gauge your progress.

    September 24th 2014

  • Piggybank with glasses and chalkboard How to start saving in your 50s

    There's still time to provide a decent retirement for yourself. You'll just have set aside more of your earnings, consider some savings-stretching options and maybe work a little longer.

  • Piggy bank with glasses and chalkboard How to start saving in your 40s

    This is no time to throw up your hands even if you're in your 40s and don't have much savings. You can still put aside a significant amount of money for your future even if you're not making a six-figure salary.

  • Piggy bank with glasses and chalkboard How to start saving in your 30s

    This is the perfect time in your life to begin building real financial security. Here's the blueprint you need to save more -- way more -- than you ever expected even if you're not making all that much right now.

  • Jar full of money labeled college fund Is a 529 plan right for your family?

    One of these tax-free college savings plans might be exactly what you need to help your kid through school. Although each plan is sponsored by a state, you don't have to live there, or ever enroll there, to take advantage of the very best 529 plans in the entire country.

  • Money advice for a lasting marriage

    You've found The One, but before you exchange vows you need to share credit card bills, bank statements and retirement savings plans. Talking about money now — and settling on a plan to achieve financial security together — just might save your marriage later.

  • 10 smart moves to save on health care

    Medical debt is one of the single biggest threats to financial security. Here are some of the most common ways consumers find themselves on the hook for big unexpected bills -- and how to avoid them.

  • Ingrid Case picture What if we all worked for tips?

    Imagine if you had to rely directly on the goodwill and generosity of the people you serve in order to make a living wage. When you decide whether and how much to tip, you have an opportunity to make a significant economic contribution to a real person.

  • Ingrid Case picture What if you've saved little for your kid's college?

    Don't feel guilty if you haven't saved much for your child's college tuition. Here's how you should begin planning.

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