7 hard truths about working beyond retirement age

You may not get to choose when you retire

We like to think we have control over our lives, but fate isn’t fickle for nothing. Many retirees report that they were forced to stop working earlier than they intended. Some were laid off from jobs they'd held for years and hoped to keep well into their 60s or even early 70s. Other say health problems made work — any work — impossible.  Since the downturn in 2008, annual surveys by the Employee Benefit Research Institute show that about half of retirees left the workforce before they were ready and about half of those blamed their departure on medical problems. Even when times were good, one-third or more recent retirees said they were abandoning careers earlier than planned. Bottom line: No one should be shocked if the best-laid plans for holding a job after 60 don't work out.

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