How to create a financial survival plan

Make a list of your assets

Your partner shouldn't lose out on an asset you worked hard to acquire because he's unaware of it or doesn't know its location.

"In many states, the state becomes the custodian of any unclaimed property," says financial adviser David Hollander, president and CEO of Liberty Group, a financial services firm in Oakland, Calif.

Of these assets, $2.3 billion are not reclaimed, according to the National Will Registry (, a free service that helps families securely manage their estate documents.

Your partner might not know which institution holds your Roth IRA funds.  He might not know at which bank you have a safe deposit box or where you hide the key.

Make sure your partner is aware of any valuable items around the house, like family heirlooms. Share the code to the home safe, if you have one.

Don’t forget about assets stored off-site, such as boats, RVs and items in storage facilities and second homes.