7 hard truths about working beyond retirement age

Getting a job after retirement can be hard

Anyone who looks at government employment data might think older workers are in high demand. The unemployment rate for Americans 65 and over is just 5%, which is considerably lower than the overall unemployment rate of 7%. Seniors looking for work also report being unemployed for an average of 41 weeks, which is shorter than for some younger groups, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But only about one in five Americans that old still holds down a job, including part-time employment. Most have left the workplace, given up any plans for ever returning and aren't counted in those stats. Here's the unfortunate reality facing any senior looking for work: “If you are an older worker and out of a job," says Sara Rix, senior adviser for the AARP Public Policy Institute, "chances are really good that you’re not going to find another one.”

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