7 hard truths about working beyond retirement age

It's a risky business for seniors

So you plan to do a little work after you retire?  Nothing strenuous, mind you, just something part-time to help your savings last longer. Or perhaps you aren't ready to step away from your current full-time job, especially if your boss will allow you to stay on with a more flexible schedule. Whatever the reason, and whatever the plan, 60% to 80% of us consistently tell surveys that we plan to keep bringing home a paycheck well beyond what most employers consider normal retirement age. But hold on. Holding a job after 60 isn't as simple as you might imagine. Just because you want to keep working, or need to keep working, doesn't mean you'll be able to keep working. You might also be surprised at how much — or, in many cases, how little — senior workers often earn. Here are seven things you should absolutely know before staking your financial future on soldiering off to the old office every morning or landing a part-time gig down at the hardware store.
By Nolan Walters
Interest.com Contributing Editor

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