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Retirement Planning Calculator

Retirement Planning Calculator

Individual Retirement Accounts are a great way to save. Traditional IRAs allow you to defer taxes on contributions and earnings until you retire, when you'll probably be in a lower tax bracket than when you're working.


Retirement Planning Advice

  • chart glasses nest egg for retirement How to save $1 million for retirement

    These 5 smart moves can help anyone reach the ultimate goal most of us have for our retirement savings. And $1 million is more than enough for most of us to have a comfortable and enjoyable life after work.

    July 12th 2019

  • secrets to saving for retirement 10 secrets to successfully save for retirement

    Building a nest egg to support yourself later in life has become a career-long task that starts the first day of your first job and doesn't end until your final day of work. But it can be easier than you think if you make a few savvy decisions and avoid a few stupid mistakes.

    July 5th 2019

  • chair over looking ocean What to do as retirement nears

    If you're planning to work another 10 years, retirement might seem a long way away. But the clock is already ticking. Your last decade on the job is your last chance to get your finances in order before it's too late.

    July 3rd 2019

  • Broken golden egg in palms of hands Retirement-ruining money mistakes

    Here are the most common ways seniors lose a lifetime of saving and investing. Some of these mistakes are driven by loneliness and boredom. Questionable sales pitches and outright scams are behind the others. But whatever the cause, they're all financially devastating.

    June 25th 2019

  • elderly couple 6 costs to expect when caring for aging parents

    Having an elderly parent live with you in your home can be much cheaper than moving mom or dad into an independent or assisted-living facility. But having another person in your home will still bring extra expenses.

    June 21st 2019

  • Social Security cards on money When to start collecting Social Security

    Is it smart to sign up for a check as soon as you turn 62, the youngest possible age? Or should you wait a few years, when you'll qualify for a bigger monthly payment? Here's how to decide what's right for you.

  • robot thinking Turn your investments over to a robo-adviser

    Websites using the same algorithm-based asset management strategies employed by human financial advisers are the hot new thing in investing. They provide a wide range of automated services at a fraction of the cost.

  • Mike Sante Boomers aren't sticking with stocks because we want to

    The Fed has spent the past 6½ years doing everything in its power to make the safer investments retirees and near-retirees have traditionally turned to as unprofitable and unappealing as possible.

  • Reed Karaim Why are we working later in life? Do we have to — or want to?

    More Americans are still working as they slide past 65 and many of those seniors have to keep working simply because they have no choice. But that's not the entire story.

  • Roll of dollar bills in a bird's nest. Study: Retirement income ample in just one state

    While we're seeing some progress all across the country, seniors in every state except Nevada aren't collecting the retirement income they need to ensure a secure life after work.

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