Flee the city for these 8 farms

Are you ready to do some country living?

Urban life isn't for everyone. So if you're a weary city dweller fed up with all the noise and traffic, why not escape to the country and buy yourself a farm?

With you in mind, we went searching high and low for various types of farms across the country, just to get an idea of what your options might be.

We came up with eight astonishingly different properties from 70 to nearly 300 acres. Would you prefer milking cows in Oregon? Or getting your hands dirty growing organic produce in New York? Or raising cattle in the California foothills of the Sierra Nevada?

The homes on those farms range from big and modern to small and rustic. The 19th-century house on that New York farm can even be used as bed-and-breakfast.

How much do these rural lifestyles run? From $299,000 to almost $700,000, or about what you'd pay for a typical suburban home in most big cities.

Let's start with the cheapest option and go from there.

By Mitch Strohm
Interest.com Contributing Editor