7 affordable slopeside condos

Mountains of fun just outside your door

What's better than stepping out the door and finding a ski trail or lift just a short walk away? Well, nothing, which is why we went looking for affordable ski-in/ski-out condos on some of our favorite mountains. No schlepping your skis or board across a parking lot. No jostling for a seat on the shuttle bus. Our suggested properties are priced from $195,000 to $299,000 and stretch across six states, from Vermont to Idaho.  We didn't do single-family houses for two big reasons. First, most ski-in/ski-out places are condos. It's just the way the resort industry works. Of course, there are houses, but they're luxury abodes that defy anyone's definition of affordable. The second reason is that all of these condos come fully furnished and ready to rent out. When you aren't around, you can make a few bucks. Our first suggestion is at the Beast of the East …
By Jen Miller
Interest.com Contributing Editor
December 4, 2013

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