Family-friendly homes in the best cities for raising kids

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Address: 1815 Leonard St., NE
Price: $139,900
What you get: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1,980 square feet
Price per square foot: $71

Grand Rapids has a low cost of living and the highest home-ownership rate in the country (77%). Forbes put "The River City" at the top of this list in 2012, and it came in at No. 2 this year. It's the snowiest of the towns in our slide show, with an average of 73.4 inches per year, so if you want your kids to grow up in a true four-season climate, this is a winner.

This house was on the edge of town when it was built in 1864 and still feels like a country home, with an old-fashioned front porch, huge shade trees, play set and fort. The interior has been updated with new carpets and laminate flooring, a new water heater and bath tub. The city grew up around this house, and it’s on a busy street. But it’s within walking distance of a large park, highly rated high school and supermarket.

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