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  • Getting started as a landlord 7 smart moves for getting started as a landlord

    With mortgage rates low and a shortage of rental housing in many cities, this is still a good time to invest in rental property. But turning a profit requires some work.

    August 9th 2019

  • Bring realistic expectations to home inspections

    Here's how to find a competent home inspector and put the report to the best possible use. But you can't expect an inspector to find every single flaw in the property you're planning to buy — or save you from making a terrible mistake.

  • Couple working with home designer Hiring a home designer is wiser than you think

    A home designer can dramatically increase the probability that you'll like how your renovation project turns out, making sure it's functional, visually appealing and holds up well to use.

  • Family-friendly homes in the best cities for raising kids

    We were looking for houses with at least three and preferably four bedrooms, lots of comfortable living space and a big yard. Look at what we found.

  • 7 great homes for retirees

    These homes in some of the best cities to retire offer plenty of amenities, catering to active adults seeking a new adventure.

  • Charming homes in the best small towns

    Get away from it all - but not too far away - in one of these eight delightful homes found in communities with 14,000 or fewer residents.

  • Cool downtown condos in midsize cities

    Big cities are fun but pricey. So look what you can buy in a smaller town with more culture and entertainment than you might ever expect, right outside your front door.

  • Ingrid Case picture Should you buy rental property near your home?

    My family has managed rental property from both up close and far away. One isn't better than the other, but they do have different pluses and minuses.

  • beach condos Have oceans of fun at these beach condos

    Yes, there are affordable summer beach condos out there. And we found 9 examples, some in busy resort towns, others in laid-back locales.

  • Flee the city for these 8 farms

    Would you prefer milking cows in Oregon, growing produce in New York or raising cattle in California? These are all places you could call home for $300,000 to $700,000, or about what you'd pay for the typical suburban home in one of the nation's major cities.

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