Real estate woes of the rich and famous

Warren Sapp

Where: Hollywood, Fla.

Bought for: $910,000 in July 2007

The Problem: Bankrupt and losing his TV jobs

The former Super Bowl champion and seven-time Pro Bowl participant has a spectacular view from his lavish 33rd-floor oceanfront condo. The question is how long he’ll get to keep it. The defensive tackle turned TV analyst hasn’t made any payments since May 2011, and lender HSBC has sued, asking a judge to let it foreclose if Sapp doesn’t come up with the $781,000 he still owes. But Zillow says the condo — which has 2,115 square feet, two bedrooms, three baths and a screening room — is only worth $579,000. So he’s more than a little underwater on this investment. Sapp’s also a little short of cash right now. After filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy this spring, he lost his job on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, and there’s lots of speculation that his contract with the NFL Network won’t be renewed this month.

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