Cozy homes in the cheapest towns to live

Prices starting at $75,000

Home prices are on the rise again.

This summer, median home prices spiked in 87% of the metropolitan areas the National Association of Realtors measures. Thirty-one percent of those communities saw double-digit percentage year-over-year gains.

But just because the market is rebounding doesn't mean housing is pricey everywhere. In fact, there are four U.S. cities where the median price falls below $100,000.

Here, we look at 10 affordable houses in towns with the cheapest typical home prices.

These houses are all listed near the median home price for that city. Prices range from $75,000 to roughly $113,000, or a monthly payment of $308 to $465, assuming a 20% down payment and today's average mortgage interest rates.

Think you can't find anything worth buying for that amount of cash? Think again. Many of these homes are delightfully charming.

And their locations aren't bad, either. One of the homes on our list is located adjacent to a golf course, another in a major college town and a third near a waterfront.

By Mitch Strohm

September 4, 2013

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