7 surprises of home ownership

Some things you won't fix for years

When you buy your home, you'll be full of ideas about what you want to do to turn it into your castle: Expand the living room! Redo the kitchen! Knock out that ugly bathroom and create your own in-home spa! And you may very well do all of those things, but most likely, they won't happen in the first year. Or the second. Or the third.

The reasons are many: You may be house-rich and cash-poor when you move in; you'll spend the renovation money on that emergency fix; living without a kitchen or a bathroom is a pain; that "simple" kitchen renovation costs tens of thousands more than you originally thought; simple inertia.

Don't beat yourself up over it. It's not like someone from HGTV is going to swoop in and do it all for you in one shot. It's normal to take some time making everything just so (even if you don't get to it until you're ready to sell the place).

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