Real estate woes of the rich and famous


Where: La Habra, Calif.

Bought for: Unknown

The Problem: Bankrupt with no (real) job

Nadya Suleman made a name for herself when she had octuplets in 2009, boosting her brood to a total of 14 children. Now Suleman’s filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and her major source of income appears to be adult videos. She made a special deal to buy the 2,445-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bath house with owner Amer Haddadin because she couldn’t qualify for a traditional mortgage. As part of the agreement, she was to make the monthly mortgage payments. When she couldn’t pay, he couldn’t pay, and they both lost the house. It went to auction, but when there were no takers at the opening price of $355,643, it reverted to the bank holding the mortgage. Suleman still lives there but says she’s looking for a new home.

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