How to buy a condo with confidence

Make sure the condo meets all your expectations

You don’t have to settle for anything less than your ideal condo.

Make sure the level of maintenance meets your standards. You might not agree with what the condo association considers well-maintained.

If the golf course is a big reason you want to buy there, play a round or two to see if it matches your game and is as well cared for as you would expect.

If you’re expecting to spend a lot of time at the condo’s pool or beach, ask whether you can spend a day or two lounging by the water. Is it a relaxing retreat for other residents or a beer-and-boom-box party kind of place?

Condos are close quarters, so issues like blaring music, screaming kids and barking dogs can become unbearable. Spend some time in the condo itself to see how much noise comes from surrounding units.

Do the upstairs neighbors stomp around like elephants? Can you hear the baby next door crying?

These are nasty surprises you want to avoid.