9 ways to crush all-cash buyers

Give the seller what they want

When you’re submitting a purchase offer, there are many points of negotiation. If you’re trying to compete with cash buyers, a smart strategy is to give the seller what they want on every other point since you can’t offer all cash.

Todd Huettner, a mortgage broker with Huettner Capital in Denver, Colo., recommends that competitive buyers with financing accommodate the seller in the following ways:

Earnest money: At a minimum, offer what they are asking.
Title company: Let them choose.
Inclusions: Let them decide which fixtures, furnishings or personal property they want to take.
Inspections: Limit how much you will ask sellers to fix if the inspection reveals problems.
Closing date: Give them the date they want.
Possession date: Ask them if they want a day or two to move out after closing.

Finally, assuming you’re submitting your best offer, ask the seller, "What else can I do to make this offer better for you, other than a higher price?"