8 smart moves to boost your curb appeal

Fix danger spots

Look closely at the driveway, sidewalk or porch as you walk toward your home's front door. Is there anything broken, uneven or missing?

Buyers will notice.

Broker Linda Honeywill of the Honeywill Team in Pittsburgh recommends that buyers correct cracked or uneven walkways, broken steps, rotting porches, rusty gates and loose or missing porch or stair railings.

She says most homebuyers, especially families, don’t want to worry about making these changes.

One way to make your home problem-free is to get a professional home inspection before you put it on the market. Then correct any problems prior to listing your property.

A home inspector can spot dangers that you may not notice or recognize, like:

  • Signs of rot or termite damage in wooden porches, railings or siding.
  • Brick mortar that is crumbling, pulling away or loose.
  • Tree branches too close to power lines.
  • Bowed or sagging exterior walls.
  • Deteriorated exterior paint that could contain lead.