Real estate woes of the rich and famous

Evander Holyfield

Where: Fayette County, Ga.

Bought for: $30 million (estimated construction cost)

The Problem: More house than a down-on-his-luck boxer can afford

The former heavyweight champion owes more than $14 million on the 54,000-square-foot, 109-room mansion. With his boxing career all but over, the house just cost too much. Holyfield said it costs $1 million a year to maintain. The home was sold for $7.5 million in a foreclosure auction. Holyfield, 51, has apparently blown through the $250 million fortune he amassed during his boxing career and, according to published reports, owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments. Besides losing the house, Holyfield has been forced to sell memorabilia such as his 1984 Olympic bronze medal and gloves from the infamous bout where Mike Tyson bit off part of his ear.

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