8 smart moves to boost your curb appeal

Ditch ugly features

Improving a home’s curb appeal is often about removing outdated or dilapidated features.

Remove window bars, metal awnings, louvered windows, rotted wood shutters, metal mesh security doors and dead plants, says David Kean, a luxury Realtor at Teles Properties in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Ask a neighbor or your agent to point out any mismatched elements that don’t really go with the architecture. Consider removing or replacing them.

"I sold a 1910 Craftsman home that had rusted 1950s metal awnings perched above every window," Kean says. "Not only did the awnings cover the beautiful period moldings surrounding the windows, but they blocked light from getting into the house."

Chain link and iron bar fencing are also major turn-offs, he says. The best choice, if you can afford it, is to replace it with nicer fencing. If money is tight, plant a climbing vine or hedge to cover it up.