Real estate woes of the rich and famous

David Duval

Where: Cherry Hills Village, Colo.

Bought for: $12.35 million in 2005

The Problem: Disappointing investment, sagging career

The former British Open champion and No. 1 player in the world has won nearly $19 million playing golf, and a few months ago Duval told the Daily Telegraph that he was still a wealthy man. But he’s been plagued by illness and injuries over the past decade that have affected his game — and his winnings. Duval put the home on the market in 2011 and says his family is moving. His wife told reporters they wanted to simplify their lives. Celebrity gossip site TMZ says there’s a foreclosure notice on file with Arapahoe County. But Duval told the Florida Times-Union that he’s reached a settlement with the bank holding his $5.9 million mortgage to sell the house. "Like a lot of people in the past few years, I made a real estate investment that didn't go well," Duval said. "There is no foreclosure.” Yep. Sounds like he’s angling for a short sale.

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