8 smart moves to boost your curb appeal

Clean up the clutter

The fastest way to improve the look of a home’s exterior is to remove anything that detracts from the curb appeal.

Buyers won’t notice your home’s architectural charm if all they can see is clutter.

Clear your driveway. Put away yard tools, children’s toys and trash cans. Remove, repair or replace anything that’s worn out or falling apart.

When buyers walk to the front door feeling good, they are less likely to pick apart minor flaws inside, says associate broker Janice Leis, who serves areas of Philadelphia and south Florida.

Overgrown landscaping can also be considered clutter.

"Having to fight a bush to get to the front door says, 'Do not come in,' " Leis says.

Unkempt bushes in front of windows and weeds make it difficult for buyers to appreciate a home’s exterior.

Once you’ve removed these distractions, buyers will be able to focus on the home itself.