What home-buying program is best for me? I’m 56, disabled and living on a fixed income.

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Q. What home-buying program is best for me? I'm 56, disabled and living on a fixed income.

A. Unfortunately, there is no specific program for disabled people living on fixed incomes. But there are many programs that build or renovate homes specifically for low-income buyers or provide low-cost financing or down-payment assistance for first-time buyers.

A good place to start is a HUD-approved housing counselor. He can direct you to help that fits your specific needs and income. You can locate a counselor near you by calling (800) 569-4287, or by going online.

State and local governments, as well as church and charitable organizations, also have programs that help consumers find and buy affordable homes. Organizations dedicated to helping people with a specific disability often have housing programs, as well.

You can find those programs by calling local churches, charities and government agencies. Write, e-mail or call your senator, congressman and state legislators. Surf the Internet searching for matches for your disability and mortgages and buyer assistance programs, and so on.

There is no one place to go for this type of assistance. But there are many different types of programs and levels of assistance available. There are also a lot of caring people willing to help.

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