Whatever you have to say, it's easy to say it on Interest.com

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This is a great place to share your opinions and experiences.


Because we make it incredibly easy to get your ideas online. To get them there fast. And to share those ideas with friends and the Web.

You can post comments on any story or blog post. Nothing is off-limits to our readers.

And you don't have to register in advance and then sign onto the site every time you want to say something.

Just jump in, click on "Post a Comment" and start writing.

While all comments are reviewed to keep the rude and crude off our pages, you never have to wait long to get your thoughts on the site. No more than a few minutes during the workday.

You'll get an email telling you your comment has been approved and providing a link that lets you see your contribution exactly as it's been published and as thousands of Interest.com readers will see it.

That's why we ask for your email address when you post a comment. You have our word that it's the only email you'll ever get from us. We never use those addresses to promote Interest.com or sell them to other sites or marketing companies.

Finally, you can alert your friends to what you've said and invite them join the conversation by going to the top of the page and emailing it to them.

Or you can throw it out to the blogosphere by clicking on "Share" and sending it to Twitter, Digg, Delicious or Buzzup.

That story or blog post will never be appear without your comment, because we value the contributions our readers make to Interest.com every day.

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