5 reasons your home isn't selling

You're doing it wrong

There was a time when many homeowners could simply throw a for-sale sign up in the yard and their house would be sold in a week. That's not necessarily the case today, even if the housing slump is over.

Indeed, the market has largely recovered from the Great Recession doldrums. The chief economist for the National Association of Realtors predicts prices will increase by 6% in 2014 with 5.1 million homes exchanging hands.

But selling a house still takes work. That means putting the effort into getting your home in shape to sell and doing your homework when it comes to setting a price.

If you're having trouble selling your house, there's a good chance you might be doing something wrong. Here are five top reasons your home isn't selling and what you can do about it.

By Craig Guillot
Interest.com Contributing Editor