5 reasons your home isn't selling

You're making it personal

Sellers who refuse to depersonalize their property often have a hard time selling it.

Buyers touring your home are trying to figure out how it would look if they were living there.

The more unique and lived-in it looks, the harder it is for them to do that.

That's why everything from the funky sofa in the living room to your hunting trophies on the wall could be a big turn-off for potential buyers.

Get to work making your home appear as clean, neutral and roomy as you possibly can by renting a storage unit and filling it up with as much of your belongings as you can.

Start with family photos and that oversized recliner you have to walk around in the family room. When you feel like there's practically nothing left in the house, you're ready for the next showing.

Evidence of smoking and pets can also be big detractors. Send your dog or cat to stay with friends or relatives when sellers are touring the home. The last thing you want is a barking pooch running around.