5 reasons your home isn't selling

You tried selling the home yourself

It's not uncommon for property owners trying to sell their home on their own to make big mistakes in pricing and presentation.

If that "For Sale By Owner" sign is looking battered and weathered, it might be time to find a good real estate agent to help you move things along.

A good agent knows more about the local market, as well as what buyers in your area value most in the homes they're buying.

Your need an agent who has sold lots of homes in your neighborhood, knows all about the homes you're competing against and will be brutally honest about why your home doesn't show well and what it can realistically fetch.

Real estate agents have every reason to get the highest possible price in a reasonable length of time. Their commission is based on the selling price, and they don't get paid until the sale closes.

Of course, that help will cost you.

The standard commission is 6% of the selling price. While that fee is negotiable, you aren't in a very strong position to demand a discount if you're asking an agent to take on a problem property that you couldn't move.