8 smart moves to save on health care

Think about where you go for health care

The type of health care facility you choose for your appointment could make a huge difference in the amount you’re charged for the test or procedure, according to Nancy Metcalf, senior program editor for Consumer Reports.

“In general, prices are much cheaper at doctors’ offices and freestanding facilities than hospitals,” Metcalf says.

In San Jose, Calif., for example, one patient paid $9,038 for a CT scan in an emergency room, Metcalf says. The same scan would have cost $318 in an outpatient clinic.

You don’t need to be scheduling a major procedure to benefit from this.

To meet their certification requirements, health care providers ranging from massage therapists and dentists to ophthalmologists need hands-on training with patients.

Training schools offer topnotch care at a fraction of the cost, says Kevin Gallegos, consumer finance expert with Freedom Financial Network.

“You’ll help train the next generation and keep money in your pocket,” he says.

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