7 ways to dress up your home for a faster sale

Spruce up the kitchen

A top item on just about every buyer’s wish list is an updated kitchen.

"If the kitchen’s nice, that’s a huge selling point," says Bill Brucks, a broker with RE/MAX Suburban in Arlington Heights, Ill.

While renovating the kitchen in a home you’re about to put on the market probably isn’t in your budget, you can make small changes so it will look — and show — better, he says.

Seriously outdated appliances or ones that don't match will definitely stick out and should be a priority. If you can do nothing else, consider replacing at least one appliance or buying an affordable stove-refrigerator-dishwasher package. Still-popular stainless steel is especially attractive to buyers, Brucks says.

While replacing older cabinets isn’t reasonable, they can be refaced with new doors or quickly painted and outfitted with new doorknobs and pulls.