How to replace your front door

Solid vs. glass-insert

You'll also need to choose between a solid door and one that includes glass in the design.

Older homes often have a solid door, and the entry is dark as a result, says real estate broker Bruce Ailion.

A design that includes glass "updates and modernizes the home and brings light inside, creating a more spacious look to the entry and perhaps living room," Ailion says.

However, if affordability is your top priority, a solid door often makes more sense.

Solid wood or steel doors give homeowners the most bang for their buck, says designer DeAnna Radaj, and these doors can still have attractive architectural details.

Solid doors also can provide better security than some glass-insert doors.

And while some people think an additional metal security door is an eyesore, Radaj says the added safety they provide can help add value to your home.

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