7 unusual tax deductions

Need a nicotine patch to butt out? You can take the deduction as a health expense.

Most stop-smoking aids, including nicotine patches, gum, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and inpatient treatments at a center for alcohol and drug addiction can be claimed as medical expenses. Unlike deductions for weight loss and wigs, enrolled agent Bonnie Lee notes that no documentation from a medical professional is required to support the claim.

"There is no debate about the benefits of quitting (smoking)," she says. "Since the health risks are so well documented, the IRS doesn’t require a letter from a doctor to prove that smoking is a health risk and quitting is medically necessary."

Although the deduction is written into the tax code, most taxpayers overlook it.

"When people sit down to do their taxes, they may not realize that they can deduct this," CPA Lisa Greene-Lewis adds.

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