How to replace your front door

Signs you need a new door

Repair or replace? It's an important consideration, particularly if you like the door you have.

Door repair costs typically range from $87 to $259, depending on door type, materials used and the type of damage, according to home improvement service Redbeacon, a Home Depot subsidiary.

"Painting, staining, adjusting and refinishing are easy fixes, although sometimes they are not cheaper than a new front door," says Jerry Grodesky, managing broker of Farm and Lake Houses Real Estate in Illinois. "If you have to do more than that to your door, I'd get a new one."

If the bottom or top of your door is not in contact with the weather stripping; if you can see light through the top, bottom or sides of the door; or if you can slide a dollar bill under the door from the outside with no resistance, then hot or cold air is getting in from the outside and escaping from the inside.

A new door can solve these problems.

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