8 premium bathroom upgrades

Shower in luxury

The National Kitchen and Bath Association says you'll pay on average $18,538 to remodel your bathroom.

Of course, you can complete a stylish update for much less.

But whether you want to replace it all or just change a thing or two, you’ll want to include some of today’s 8 hottest choices in bathroom finishes and fixtures.

We'll show both high-end and mid-range options, so you can find ideas to fit your budget. Indeed, you can make some surprisingly luxurious improvements to your shower, floors, cabinets and more without having to pay thousands of dollars.

No matter what you spend, remember you'll only recoup 65.2% of your cost in the home's resale value, according to our list of the most valuable home improvements.

That’s all the more reason to make choices you love.

Here’s what to look for and how much you’ll need to budget for it.

By Amy Fontinelle
Interest.com Contributing Editor

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