How to replace your furnace

Should you replace your AC, too?

Contractors may tell you to replace your air conditioner when you replace your furnace. This isn't simply an unnecessary upsell, but that doesn't mean you have to make the switch.

Unless you home is heated with steam, hot water or radiant heat, your heating and cooling systems are linked. When you run your AC, your furnace’s blower helps circulate cool air throughout your home.

In an ideal HVAC system, the air conditioner and furnace have the same capacity and efficiency, which improves performance and comfort.

Doing both jobs at once might save significantly on labor since the contractor will only need to make one service call, and you might be able to negotiate a lower price on such a large job.

If you have an older AC that’s inefficient, it might make sense to replace it even if it still works.

The arguments against replacing your AC at the same time are obvious: You might not be able to afford such a large expenditure all at once, and your AC may have plenty of life left.