Smart moves for a warmer home

Properly ventilate your home

While it’s important to seal your home against air leaks, the goal is not to have your home completely sealed off from the outside. But you want to choose how much and where air flows in and out.

Proper ventilation provides a controlled flow of air through your home. It mitigates indoor air pollution, prevents moisture problems, removes odors, and helps your home cool and heat effectively.

Your kitchen should have an exhaust fan that draws grease and smoke outside.

Bathrooms also need exhaust fans that vent outdoors to get rid of moisture and odors. Humidity can cause rot, mold and peeling paint.

Attics and crawl  spaces should have vents that pull air through, taking heat and moisture out of your home.

In addition to vents in the eaves of your roof, ridge vents, which run along the peak of your roof, also help remove unwanted heat and humidity from the attic, and can extend roof life.

Vents should be sealed against air leaks and not blocked by insulation.

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