How to replace your front door

Older homes can be tricky

On older homes, the front door is usually not a stock size that can be picked up at a big-box store and installed. A replacement door must be custom made, and it will be expensive.

Stock doors are 80-inches high, 1 ¾-inches thick, and 30-, 32- or 36-inches wide.

You may get more value from repairing or painting your front door instead of replacing it.

If replacement is a must, some cities have locations where you can find recycled and repurposed doors, says real estate broker Bruce Ailion.

Hiring a competent carpenter to help you get a correct fit if you’re not doing a standard frame-and-door installation is a must, he adds.

"Putting in a custom door and getting it to fit right is no simple task," he says.

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