How to deal with a neighbor's bad curb appeal

Offer to help

Offer to meet your neighbor halfway in dealing with the issue. She might feel overwhelmed, not know what steps to take, not have the time or be short on cash.

Offer to find a charity that accepts car donations and to help your neighbor get a tax deduction for getting rid of that eyesore. You’ll even schedule the pickup and do the paperwork.

Tell your neighbor you’d be happy to babysit one afternoon while she sorts through her junk pile. Tell her you needed to rent a Dumpster to clean out your garage, anyway and she’s welcome to use it. Pay for the Dumpster rental.

Rave about your lawn care crew, and tell your neighbor you’ll send them over to pull weeds and mow the grass next week. Pay the extra $20. Maybe she will be so pleased with the results that she’ll hire your crew permanently.

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