11 biggest remodeling mistakes

Compromising your vision

How long has it taken you to save up for your remodeling project?

Or, if you’re paying for it with a home equity loan, how many years will it take you to pay back that loan?

How many hours of work did it take you to earn that money?

How much time did it take you to come up with your vision?

Don’t let a well-meaning designer, contractor, store employee or friend steer you toward a color, a finish or a layout that’s not what your heart is set on.

Don’t let your frustration with a project that’s running off schedule push you into accepting changes you don't want just to get your house and your life back.

Don't use cheap-looking materials. Spending less might feel better now, but how will you feel when the dust has settled and you have pressboard cabinets when you wanted mahogany?

We’re not advocating spending beyond your means. If your budget is tight, get creative about finding high quality materials at a discount.

You’ll be living with the results for years. You need to be happy with what you get.