How to deal with a neighbor's bad curb appeal

Make it a neighborhood-wide event

Instead of singling out your neighbor for his bad taste or seeming irresponsibility, have your whole block or whole neighborhood work together over one weekend or several weekends to improve everyone’s curb appeal.

Here’s one way you could implement this plan: Have a local real estate agent host a free event for the neighborhood with tips for improving curb appeal and reasons to do so (i.e., improving property values, increasing safety). The agent gets free advertising, and you and your neighbors get free professional advice. You also get to know each other better in the process of learning and helping each other.

Who knows? Your neighbor might be clueless that his actions are harming or irritating others. You also might discover that your own curb appeal needs some work!

The only catch is that you’ll have to convince your offending neighbor to participate. Still, getting everyone involved means you’re less likely to offend or antagonize anyone, because you won’t be making them a lone target.

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