5 reasons your home isn't selling

You made a bad first impression

Presentation is critical, and anything that looks old or shabby will need some polishing.

Make the small repairs to put your house in its best condition. Potential buyers will notice a loose, creaking door, running toilet or broken window blind.

Pay close attention to curb appeal by beautifying the front of your home. Refinishing a front door and sprucing up your garden can help make a great first impression.

You'll also want to thoroughly clean your house for each and every showing.

"You'd be surprised how many people don't make their beds, fully clean their bathrooms or have dishes in the sink," says Kathy Braddock, co-founder of Rutenberg Realty in New York City. "(Little things) can leave an impression with people. They want to feel they can live there."

You also should have professional photos taken of your staged house along with a solid online presentation. The first time many buyers will see your home will be on their smartphone or laptop.