11 biggest remodeling mistakes

Not knowing your DIY limits

Home improvement shows love to glorify doing it yourself. Won’t it save you money while giving you a massive sense of accomplishment?

The truth is, the cost to hire someone may be less than what your lost time is worth, and if you do a poor job, you’ll need a professional to fix your mistakes.

Jamie Curtis, a writer and publicist in Columbus, Ohio, has spent years remodeling homes with her husband. She documents their projects at Living the Dream House.

She says a rookie mistake that even veteran remodelers make is overestimating their DIY abilities and underestimating their time constraints.

“Start with the easy projects first, like painting trim and doors,” she says. This will help you gauge your skills and how much time you can dedicate to a bigger project.

Curtis says most homeowners can do demolition work, remove wallpaper, replace hardware and light fixtures, and refinish woodwork or cabinetry if they have the time and patience.

Know when to pull in licensed professionals for more complex jobs. DIY electrical or plumbing work can turn into a disaster.