8 premium bathroom upgrades

Heated floors

Heated floors allow you to bring a bit of the spa home with you.

They are seen as a luxury item, says Erin Davis of Mosaik Remodeling and Design in Portland, Ore., but she has used them as the main heat source in bathrooms.

This means not having to install an unattractive, energy-inefficient wall heater or run a new duct from your furnace.

Your floors won’t look any different because the warming coils are installed underneath the tile, but you’ll feel the difference on cold mornings.

You'll pay about $15 per square foot to install a heated floor, excluding the tile.

"Also, all heated floors require their own electrical circuit, so you will have to figure that into the final cost," she says.

To save money, heated floors can just be installed in front of a vanity or shower, Davis suggests.

With its electrical component, installation of heated floors is best left to a professional.

She recommends Nu-Heat and Warm Wire brands.

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