10 most valuable home improvements

Garage door replacement

A new midrange door — one that is uninsulated, with embossed steel — costs $1,534 and adds $1,283 to your home's value, or 83.7% of the cost.

Like an entry door, replacing a garage door can greatly increase your home’s attractiveness.

In fact, this project made one of our 8 smart moves to boost your curb appeal.

So even if you don't recoup as much cash as you'd like from replacing your garage door, the boost in curb appeal could help you sell your home faster.

For homeowners looking for a fancier front, perhaps because their garage is a prominent feature of their home, an upscale garage door — insulated, factory painted, with windows — costs $2,791 but recoups nearly the same amount of the cost, 82.9%.

Source: Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvalue.com).

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