8 smart moves to save on health care

Flash your membership card

Groups ranging from AAA and AARP to warehouse clubs and college alumni associations provide health-related discounts.

AAA members, for example, can get up to 50% off the full price of prescriptions at Walgreens, CVS and Target pharmacies — sorry, no discount on copays — through the “Show Your Card and Save” program.

A program called “Optimum Health Allies” offers Sam’s Club members discounts on services ranging from cancer screenings and mental health counseling to acupuncture, orthodontics and prescriptions.

Prescription drug prices are up to 50% lower at warehouse clubs than mainstream pharmacies, according to PharmacyChecker.com.

Although there are fees to join auto associations and warehouse clubs, the savings on prescriptions and other health care costs are often enough to make the initial costs worthwhile.

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